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P1.86 Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: Jie Fu
Certification: CE ROHS FCC
Model Number: Outdoor P1.86 Flexible LED module
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PC
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: carton case plywood case
Delivery Time: 7-21 work days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Week Soft LED display
Detail Information
Use: Advertising Publish, Retail Store, Shopping Mall, Display Of Dishes, Welcome Display, Self-service Business, Exhibition Hall, Wayfinding, Airport, Subway, Elevator, Restaurant & Hotel Supplies, Education, Medical Treatment Model Number: P1.86
Usage: Outdoor Tube Chip Color: FULL COLOR
Application Places: Buildings, Shops, Wedding, Schools, Bar, Bus Stations, Hospitals, Mall, Car, Companies, Park, Home, Office, Hotels, Taxi, Event & Party Product Name: Outdoor P1.86 Full Color Soft Mold
Brightness: 4500cd/sqm Module Size: 320*160mm
Warranty: 1 Year Life Span: 100000hours
Pixel Pitch: 1.86mm LED Type: SMD1515
Refresh Rate: ≥3840Hz Scan Mode: 43S
Light Source: LED Tube, Lamp, LED Modules
High Light:

Transparent LED Video Wall Panel


Advertising LED Video Wall Panel


P1.86 Outdoor Flexible Module

Product Description

Outdoor D1.86 Led Transparent Advertising Led Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible

Product Introduction: Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module

The Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module is an advanced and versatile solution designed to revolutionize outdoor visual experiences. With its unique flexible design, this module offers unprecedented possibilities for shaping and transforming outdoor display setups, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor environments.
This LED display module combines state-of-the-art LED technology with its flexible construction, delivering stunning visual presentations in outdoor settings. It provides high-resolution images and videos with exceptional brightness and clarity, ensuring vibrant and captivating visuals even in bright daylight.
What sets the Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module apart is its ability to bend and curve, enabling the creation of captivating and unconventional display shapes. Whether it's wrapping around building facades, conforming to curved structures, or adapting to irregular architectural elements, this module allows for limitless creativity and adaptability in outdoor installations.
The module is engineered with robust and weather-resistant materials, ensuring durability and performance in various outdoor conditions. It is designed to withstand harsh weather elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, making it suitable for long-term outdoor use.
Installation and maintenance are made easy with the lightweight and modular design of the Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module. It can be seamlessly integrated into outdoor structures, including walls, poles, and curved surfaces. The modular construction allows for easy expansion and reconfiguration, providing flexibility to adapt to changing display requirements.
The Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module excels in performance features essential for outdoor applications. It offers high brightness levels, ensuring excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. The module's advanced pixel pitch and color calibration technology result in sharp and vibrant visuals, captivating viewers from a distance.
Energy efficiency is a key aspect of the module's design, optimizing power consumption without compromising on performance. It also includes features like automatic brightness adjustment and intelligent power management, contributing to environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness.
The applications for the Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module are diverse and extensive. It can be used for outdoor advertising and digital signage, enhancing brand visibility and attracting attention. It is also suitable for outdoor events, concerts, sports arenas, and public spaces, creating immersive and engaging visual experiences for large audiences.
In summary, the Flexible Outdoor LED Display Module represents a breakthrough in outdoor display technology. With its flexibility, durability, and outstanding performance, it opens up new possibilities for impactful and dynamic visual displays in various outdoor environments.




Product Applications:
Advertising and Promotion: Suitable for outdoor billboards, large-scale advertising facades, commercial plazas, and other locations to create eye-catching advertising campaigns.
Brand Showcase: Ideal for outdoor brand displays in shopping malls, retail stores, trade shows, etc., attracting attention and enhancing brand image.
Cultural and Entertainment Events: Perfect for outdoor venues, concerts, sports arenas, and other events, providing captivating visual effects and enhancing the overall atmosphere.
Urban Landscaping: Enhances cityscape projects such as squares, parks, and building facades, adding aesthetic appeal and a modern touch to urban environments.
Basic parameter


P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 0



Installation Instruction


P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 1P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 2P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 3P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 4P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 5




P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 6P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 7


Packing & Delivery

P1.86  Outdoor Transparent Advertising LED Video Wall Panel Mesh Flexible 8

What are your features?

1. Applications are Endless
2. Easy to use
3. Up-dated quickly
4. With no technical expertise
5. Available in a variety of character heights
6. LED Colour selectable
7. Various speeds and Characters including Bold, Run Left/Right, etc
8. Can be controlled remotely, like WIFI, GSM, GPRS,3G,4G,5G

Important Knowledge of Led display

1. What is LED?
LED is sanded for Light Emitting Diode, a kind of semiconductor that is used to give and receive the electronic signal into infrared rays or light, using the characteristics of a compound semiconductor. This is used for household appliances, remote controllers, electric bulletin boards, and various kinds of automation appliances.

2. What are Pixel Pitch, Pixel Density, LED QTY, and Pixel Configuration?
Pixel Pitch is the distance between neighboring pixels.
Pixel Density is the number of pixels per square meter.
LED QTY is the quantity of LED lamps per square.
Pixel Configuration is the description of the consistency of a pixel, for instance, we use 1 red lamp, 1 green lamp, and 1 blue lamp to compose a pixel, the pixel configuration is 1R1G1B.

3. What are LED Type, Module size, and Module resolution?
LED Type is the description of an LED lamp, for instance, the brand, the shape in physical, the size of the lamp, etc.
Module size is the measurement of a module.
Module resolution is the number of pixels per module.

4. What is the Drive Method, driving IC, and Power supply
Drive Method: always we use static, 1/4 scan, 1/8 scan, and 1/16 scan, the latter one contributes to less brightness than the former. We always use the static outdoors and use the different kinds of scans indoors.
Driving IC is the generic term for several kinds of IC, that are used to control the LED lamps, and as a bridge between the control system and lamps.
Power supply: a kind of device that is used as a transfer from 220V AC into 5V DC. It always seems like a box in the cabinet.

5. What is the viewing angle?
The viewing angle is the maximum angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. It includes a horizontal viewing angle and a vertical viewing angle.


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