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How is the Sphere LED display made?

May 13, 2024

1. How is the Sphere LED display made?

With the development progress of Sphere LED display manufacturers in the industry and the improvement of people’s viewing requirements, a Sphere LED display has been innovated from the previous conventional flat LED display. The first step is the module composition of the LED spherical screen, among which the circular module is at the bottom if it is hoisted, and at the top if it is installed on the ground. The second step is the box structure and components. The box structure of the Sphere LED display is also spherical, and the structure is also composed of high-precision welding. This is often related to the flatness and slits of the screen, so this is crucial.

2. What is a Sphere LED display?

Sphere LED displays can play video advertisements, promote brands, and decorate lighting. It can be installed in various ways, including seat type, ceiling type, inlaid type, and embedded type, to meet the installation requirements of different customers. The spherical LED display allows viewers to see 360° in all directions without image distortion. Sphere LED display is different from other series of LED displays in terms of structure and electrical design. Instead of using a standard modular design, the Sphere LED display is assembled using multiple modules of custom sizes and shapes. Custom designed to create a seamless Sphere LED display and 360°. Due to its unmatched visual range and attractive appearance, Sphere LED display is widely used in shopping malls, businesses, events, concerts, stages, and more.


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3. What are the installation methods for Sphere LED displays?
4. What are the advantages of Sphere LED display customization?

Customization: You can customize any size and any pixel spacing as needed.
Sphere LED display steel structure design and manufacturing process also have high requirements.
If the structure is not precise enough, it will affect the surface fixation of the module, the flatness of the splicing, and whether there are obvious joints. These will eventually affect the display.

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5. What are the advantages of Sphere LED display?